Spokane Family Portraits | Talbot Family

 May 25, 2021

By  Rachel Jordan

I’m in love with this precious session with the Talbot Family. It was so fun to meet them and have the pleasure of photographing them while they were visiting North Idaho for a few weeks. They are traveling the country together in a camper, working on home-educating their girls and building strong family relationships. It’s so sweet to see and and hear about their adventures and to know that they are reorganizing their whole life to focus on what really matters.

Soria told me that the last time they had professional family portraits done was at Sears when everyone was little! I’m very excited to give them something fresh and fun, and a little bit different to look back on and remember this special time in their life.

After a cloudy day, the sun came out at just the perfect time for their session and then poured buckets of rain as we were driving home. How fun is that to know that we had perfect weather for just the right amount of time! I love the carefree joy I was able to capture with my camera- the pleasure of simply being together. <3

I so look forward to hearing where your travels take you all!



About the Photographer

Rachel Jordan is a wedding and family photographer in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Together with her husband Max, they offer photo and video services to the PNW and beyond!

  • These are amazing family photos of an amazing family! The love and joy they share with each other come thru in every photo.

  • These are amazing and you certainly captured the love this family sharers! We miss them so much but so over joyed by the opportunity that they have to live by Faith share their light and joy every where they go!

  • These are amazing 🤩 you certainly captured their love for one another and the wonderful humans and family that they are!! We miss them dearly! Overjoyed with the opportunity they have to do what they are doing!!! Loving by Faith!!!

  • You did an amazing job capturing these beautiful souls!! These are pictures they will cherish forever a long time to come❤️

  • Love the pictures of the Talbot Family. I especially love the black and white photos with the nature background. I know the family and you were able to catch their spirit and beauty! Bravo!

  • Love the pics of the Talbot family. They are genuinely nice people and are such a loving family. Blessed to have known that. You have captured them well.

  • Wonderful pictures. We’ve enjoyed seeing how everyone has grown over the last year. We are always thinking of you. God bless!

  • Wow! What beautiful and precious moments you will have captured in these photos. A very impressive job capturing the spirit of the group. Love them.

  • These are so beautiful just like this family! I’m so blessed to have met them. I love the interlocking picture side by side. So natural and fun looking!

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