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We are looking for new couples that want some fun, romantic, and candid engagement photos!


We want to give you some winter wonderland special-ness in your engagement photos and VIDEO!

Yes, you read that right. Engagement PHOTOS and VIDEO!

This "try before you buy" offer is ONLY for 6 Couples that are madly in love and value the meaning of an incredible photography and videography experience, not just pretty pictures.

All entries must be received by November 20th, 2019. Winners will be announced by November 30th.

Coeur d alene engagement photos


Have you thought this or heard this from a friend? "OMG I booked a photographer and after our engagement session I realized we're not a good fit for each other. But now I am stuck in a contract with them!" We have felt so bad when we hear this because photography is not something you want to be unhappy with on your wedding day!

That's when we decided to create a system that allows us to work together before having to make that big decision of booking your photographer AND your videographer.

If you'd love to have the opportunity to have a free engagement session and try out a potential wedding photographer and videographer at the same time, enter your details below and we will be in touch!

Meet Rachel & Max

Hi, we're Rachel and Max! We're all about helping you feel relaxed and yourself in front of the lense. I'm a makeup artist turned photographer, and Max has had a video camera glued to his hand since he was a young teenager. We care deeply about family and loving to the fullest. We think poses are great, but candid smiles are even better. Showing the real you is important to us!