Epic Sunset Engagement Session | Emma & Joey

 August 3, 2020

By  Rachel Jordan

Max and I were so excited to do an engagement session at Steptoe Butte! With gorgeous 360 views of the rolling hills of the Palouse, it’s a GORGEOUS place to do a sunset session. The strong golden rays certainly make for a different style than my usual lighter edits, but I think it’s worth it!

We had so much fun with Emma and Joey. We literally gave them quite the workout! They ran, spun, danced, walked, climbed, tripped, toppled, and laughed so hard. The wind was perfect, playing with Emma’s hair and dress, and lending a certain epic feeling that only the wind can add!

As you scroll, keep an eye out for a series of images- they have tattoos on their wrists, the big dipper and the little dipper, because when they first got together they started calling each other their north star. OMG, so sweet!

We stayed to watch the sunset, and shot until our cameras couldn’t produce anything usable. What an amazing day!

We are SO excited to shoot your wedding in 2022!! Meanwhile, I’ll just keep swooning over your engagement photos.


About the Photographer

Rachel Jordan is a wedding and family photographer in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Together with her husband Max, they offer photo and video services to the PNW and beyond!

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