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Capturing Raw, Authentic Love

Here’s my tips for getting AMAZINGLY authentic and candid photos!

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I know lots of couples who describe the photos they want as raw, authentic, candid, unposed, and fun! But when it comes down to the actual day, the thought of being on camera makes everything feel a little stiff and awkward, especially if you’ve never had professional photos taken before!

We’re here to help you make posing for your wedding or engagement photos (or any other photos!) easy and fun!

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#1 – Choose a photographer who’s work you really love and who’s portfolio has lots of candid moments!

#2 – Try to relax, and just have fun! Let your photographer do the heavy lifting! 

#3 – Play some games! Dance! Run around! The best way to achieve #1!


#4 – Be awkward. It’s okay! Embrace the awkward and know that your photographer will make you look good, even if you feel super weird. Laugh at yourself and at each other. It looks great on camera!

#5 – Don’t worry about what to do with every single finger, toe, and how your chin is angled. Focus on being connected and personal with your significant other instead. If there’s a loose hand you don’t know what to do with, your pocket is almost always a good choice!

#6 – Keep moving. Photos look more candid and dynamic if there’s movement of some kind. A lot of people strike a static pose, and that’s when the overthinking takes over! Even small movements help. You can think of yourself as if you are in a romantic movie! What would Anne Hathaway do?

#7 – Don’t be afraid to keep the moment going. If you’re instructed to do a movement by your photographer, keep going even when you think you’ve finished… maybe go in for a kiss, or stroke each other’s faces or hands. Keep your hands moving even if you’re standing still.

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#8 – Outfits help. Choose something you are comfortable in, and don’t shy away from an epic dress and suit combo even for your engagement session! Sometimes feeling epic because you are wearing a stunning outfit is what makes the whole shoot come together.

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If you’ve looked at our work before, you know that we love the candid, raw, epic shots! We love to play games and move around a lot. I’ll be honest, it’s a little bit of a workout, but it’s a TON of fun. If you’d like to talk to us about scheduling a session or just get to know us a little, you can schedule a no-obligation “get to know you” call by clicking the button below! We can’t wait to get to know you!

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About the author

Rachel Jordan is a wedding and family photographer in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. Together with her husband Max, they offer photo and video services to the PNW and beyond!


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